Prof. Lee's Professional Services

e-Biz Consultant

Industry Experience

Consultant, Small Business Development Center, July 1999~July 2002

Government Administration.

+ Consulted 189 small business firms in e-Business, Marketing.
+ Evaluated e-Business Plans and Feasibility Studies of 80 Venture Companies by New Technology Development Program (SMBA, 2001)
+ Supervised a project of developing a cyber consulting center
+ Developed a Forecasting Model and a Diagnostic Model for small business performance measure by the research projects of Small Business Administration (SMBA, 2002).

President and Executive Consultant, January 1996~ June 1999

Business Consultancy in e-Business, Marketing, International Trade

+ Consulted 11 SMEs' Business Transformation ( 6 Medium sized Auto-parts Manufacturing Firms) and e-Business Strategies of 5 Internet Companies.
+ Supervised developing a Cyber Trading Website .
+ Facilitated a Seminar on e-Business "Internet Business Strategies for Auto-parts Industry of Korea"¹ with MINISTRY OF COMMERCE, INDUSTRY AND ENERGY and KOREA ECONOMIC DAILY NEWSPAPER (September 1998).
+Recruited and Trained 186 Sales people for an Education and Computer Service Organization.

Managing Director, Transportation Division, August 1989~December 1995
WHARYON TRANSPORT CORP., Seoul, Korea (7 years)
Medium sized Business Firm in Shipping, Transportation, International Trade

+ Supervised 3 joint venture contracts of Korean businesses in China and Mongolia.
+ Facilitated investments of 65 Korean Business Firms into China markets.
+ Traveled for business more than 100 times to China, Japan, Mongolia, Hong Kong, Russia.
+ Directed 154 staffs working for the businesses, three subsidiary companies.

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