THANK YOU for being there for me.
I really appreciate all the help you gave me for making my future in the beauty of dreams.

Academic Year 2018- 2019 at its best Boston University!

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at Seoul, KOREA, June 25- 27, 2018
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at Yeosu, KOREA, July 8- 10, 2019
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at Incheon, KOREA, December 26- 28, 2017
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at Dubai, U.A.E., December 7- 9, 2018



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Spring 2018 Semester   Research & Publications
AD655 C1 International Business, Economics & Cultures   Click! SCOPUS Author Citation Report [Elsevier]
MG520 D1 International Buiness Management   Click! SSRN Author Citation Report [Elsevier]
MG448 B1(EX) Electronic Commerce & Web Design   Click! Google Scholars Citation Report
AD655 O1 International Business, Economics & Cultures (SPRG2)   Click! ResearchGate Citation Report
  Fall 2018 Semester
  Schorlary Activities
AD655 B1 Internation Business, Economics & Cultures International Management Development Association
  AD655 O2 International Busiess, Economics & Cultures   World Association for Sustainable Development
  MG520 D2 Internationa Business Management   East Asian Economic Association
  MG520 D1 & EX Internationa Business Management   Korea Distribution Science Association
Summer 2018 Semester  
Journal Editorship
Summer2 AD655 SB1 International Business, Economics & Cultures   Journal of Asian Finance, Economics and Business (JAFEB)
Summer2 MG520 SB1 International Business Management   Journal of Administrative Sciences and Technology (JAST)

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  Journal of Distribution Science (JDS)
African Journal of Marketing Management (AJMM)
ICBE2019 Yeosu, Korea (July 8- 10) ICBE2017 HCMC, Vietnam (July 6- 8)    
ICBE2018 Dubai, UAE (December 7- 9) ICBE2016 Jeju, Korea (July 7- 9)   Citations of Excellence! 2016 Winner - Emerald Group Publishing
ICBE2018 Seoul, Korea (June 25- 27) ICBE2015 Seoul, Korea (July 8- 11)   Click! Thomson Reuters ResearcherID Citation Metrics [SSCI]
    ICBE2014 Seoul, Korea (July 9- 12)   Reviewer Acknowledgments! Review of Educational Research

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