Summer 2017 International Conference
on Business and Economics (ICBE2017)

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, July 6-8, 2017




About Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Its former name was Sai Gon. Long time ago many tourists viewed it as “a pearl of the far East”, which may reveal its splendid beauty. Its current name is an expression of the great commemoration of Ho Chi Minh Uncle, who was the leader of the nation. For the time being, HCMC is considered to be one of the most dynamic areas of the country - a social, cultural and economic center of the South. There are two seasons in a year: rainy and dry season. However, the climate is agreeable. As the conference is supposed to take place in July 2017, visitors staying in HCMC can enjoy the mild atmosphere, although it may remain showery. Vietnamese cuisine is well-known for its tasty diversity. There is a wide range of choice for tourists: from luxurious restaurants to popular ones. People in HCMC are flexible, enthusiastic, helpful, especially very friendly and hospitable.

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About the University of Finance-Marketing (UFM)

The University of Finance-Marketing (UFM), operating directly under the Ministry of Finance, was established in 1976, and has by now reached its 36th year of operation. At present, UFM has a variety of training programs, with its 13 academic departments offering 20 majors, which lead to the awarding of diplomas, undergraduate and graduate degrees in such fields as business administration, banking & finance, accounting, marketing, valuation, real estate trading, international business, hospitality management, management information system, Business English, etc. The training scope of UFM has sharply increased in the past years, with nearly 20,000 students now taking part in the University’s various training programs ranging from 3-year, 4-year undergraduate to graduate studies. Most of UFM graduates whose qualifications are appreciated by the society have secured relevant and well-paid jobs. For more information about UFM visit:



Conference delegates can choose any hotel close to the conference venue (University of Finance-Marketing) at their own interest and expenses.
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Ho Chi Minh City tours, tours to a number of interesting sites in Ho Chi Minh City, and a variety of attractive sightseeing tours before and after the conference would be arranged for conference participants based on their individual request and expenses.