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MG448 B1 & EX E-commerce and Web Design, Spring2016

What is E-commerce? We learn it from recent cases and web design technologies.

Course Outline

Blog Presentation (February 2, 2016 Tuesday)

The followings will introduce each student's learning experience in this course
Student Name [MG448 B1] Student Name [MG448 EX] Links
Acevedo,Ginnette   Brown,Jami,Leigh   Examples
Aulet,Christopher   Chez,Triana,L   Spring 2016 Blogs
Bai,Xiaoxia   Flores,Julio,Cesar   Fall 2015 Blogs
Benarousse, Lea, Esther Gilberte   Gonzalez De Armas, German  
Chung,Inhwa   Guzman,Kenedy  
Doubbi Kadmiri,Ahmed   Lahens,Lydje   Spring 2016 Websites
Iwersen,Jan,Niklas   Lynch,Brian,Charles Fall 2015 Websites
Kanakis,Ariann,Boyle   Menjivar,Roxana,A    
Liu,Qiuyu   Mujanovic,Edis    
Nos,Iryna   Nauss,Thomas,Patrick    
Prosper,Taissah,Marie   Pergola,Amy,C    
Rathi,Suhani   Pierre,Kenny,B    
Thompson Ribeiro De Godoy, Samantha   Reid,Moriah,Daylight    
Tian,Ran   Varela,Helder,Jorge    
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