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MG448 B1 & EX E-commerce and Web Design, Spring 2018

What is E-commerce? We learn it from recent cases and web design technologies.

Course Outline

WebDesign Presentation (March 13, 2018 Tuesday)

The followings will introduce each student's learning experience in this course
Student Name [MG448 B1] Student Name [MG448 EX] Links
Cloutier,Emily,Elizabeth   Bossi,Susan,Lee   Examples
Doura,William   Budreau,Rexhina   Spring 2016 Blogs
Hermant,Pierre Nicolas,Jean Marie Raoul   Conward,Nicole   Spring 2018 Blogs
Hollis,Joshua   Igo,Timothy,Gregory  
Marinelli,Stephanie,Lauren   Quinlan-Baron,Heather,M  
Sankale,Martin,D   Sackey,Margaret   Spring 2016 Websites
Sousa,Maria,H.   Terrill,Joshua,Adam Spring 2018 Websites
Download a free trial of Dreamweaver CC (Creative Cloud) from the Adobe website
Create a blog. It's free.(Google) Create a blog. It's free.(WordPress)  

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